Does your Video Producer understand Marketing?

The video industry is undergoing a tremendous shift. The overabundance of content mandates that anyone producing videos must know precisely how to make and deliver a product that people actually watch. More importantly, does that product move them to action and achieve its goal. Understanding and connecting with your audience has never been more crucial to any media campaign.

Organic YouTube Sales

Strategically built as an organic YouTube SEO lead magnet, this video now ranks in the top three (U.S.) for high volume related search terms driving daily local traffic to the wildlife controllers website. The video has now surpassed 20K views in a little over two years without ANY additional platform sharing, paid ads, or homogeneous supporting channel videos. 

Promotional Push

A local comic book artist needed a video to add a back story to his new comic release. The video was distributed on various platforms and generated additional interest in the release. The initial printing sold out.

Reality TV Sample

A private short Sample of a Reality TV style edit. Missing are story building interviews which normally would be included in this type of a piece

Local Story

Running a small business is tough. Telling it’s story doesn’t have to be. Mike Page needed more exposure for his animal control business so a short video depicting his story was made.

Online Authenticity

A little mill in Northern New Hampshire needed help showcasing their all natural handmade products. With a pre planned strategy a detailed script was made for a public television style video.

Event Promo

Motion Graphics piece built entirely in After Effects. 


Filming political rallies can be challenging especially with an emotionally charged crowd. This documentary edit is filled with lots of tension moments.

The art of the Interview

High profile figures are hard to get but Kelly Ayotte was very kind.